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  • Finally Ready to Start Dating Again
    Finally Ready to Start Dating Again
    Women looking for Men - New York City (New York) - September 3, 2017

    It's been a little while since I've been on the dating seen. My last relationship ended terribly and left me a few long held painful thoughts. My last relationship was a long lasting relationship of a lot of verbal and mental abuse followed buy physi...

  • Back on The Dating Seen
    Back on The Dating Seen
    Women looking for Men - New Bern (North Carolina) - September 2, 2017

    I am so done with cheaters. If you can guess my last relationship ended when he cheated just as my other relationships before. I am so ready for a change. I am fun easy going I love honesty because I am very honest and straight forward I love to cook...

  • Ready To Be Treated Special
    Ready To Be Treated Special
    Women looking for Men - Fresno (California) - August 28, 2017

    I am tired of being cheated on lied to and just plane dogged I am so ready to be treated the way I know I deserve to be treated. My last by friend was a constant liar with a dash of abuser every time he was caught in a lie. All my relationships befor...

  • Doing The Online Thing
    Doing The Online Thing
    Women looking for Men - Bismark (North Dakota) - August 26, 2017

    Ok so I have been on a lot of dates and all of them where terrible. There are a lot of weirdos out there. I have met people through friends, and family, and I would just like to meet someone that is normal. Someone that is honest, that enjoys great c...

  • Looking For Real Relationship
    Looking For Real Relationship
    Women looking for Men - Framingham (Massachusetts) - August 17, 2017

    I have been in a lot of relationships non of them lasted very long. A lot where due to lies told and the others where due to the incapability to be faithful but I think they all where due to the fact that no one was ready to be in a serious relations...

  • I Don't Eat Meat Any More
    I Don't Eat Meat Any More
    Women looking for Men - Missoula (Montana) - August 14, 2017

    I just start down this path of being a vegetarian. I still eat eggs and have milk and have fish. I decided that this was the lifestyle fo me because I thought it was time for me to be healthier. I was told I needed to lose some wait. So I am looking ...

  • A Widow Looking For Another Life Journey With Someone
    A Widow Looking For Another Life Journey With Someone
    Women looking for Men - Philadelphia (Pensylvania) - August 13, 2017

    My Late Husband Died 4 years ago. I am looking to have another adventure with someone. I am in my late 40s I have 4 children 3 have gone on to live there lives and I have 1 who I am still cring for as she is young. My children often come to check in ...

  • Your Goddess Has Arrived
    Your Goddess Has Arrived
    Women looking for Men - Clarksburg (West Virginia) - August 13, 2017

    I am looking for a god like man to match my goddess beauty. heres a little about myself. I like to go out every once and a while. I am very competitive, I love a good challange to any game/sport. I stay active. I love to learn, I am probably the bigg...

  • I'm a Cat Lady
    I'm a Cat Lady
    Women looking for Men - Owensboro (Kentucky) - August 9, 2017

    I loves cats I have 2 little princesses. I have always had a cat when I moved out of my parents home. I am looking for someone that like cats that is loving and caring. I am a veterinarian. I like to go out every so often. My last boyfriend had to le...

  • I Am Shy
    I Am Shy
    Women looking for Men - St. Louis (Missouri) - August 8, 2017

    I am doing the online dating thing mainly because I am very shy. You can find me on several other sites as well just trying to put myself out there. I am very tall a lot of my family thinks I should model I am too shy for that. I like to stay home. N...

  • I Need a Real Man
    I Need a Real Man
    Women looking for Men - Woodsdale (North Carolina) - August 7, 2017

    Ok my boyfreind just broke up with me he said I was too needy, and that I am too wound tight. In other words I was not the girl that he thought I was or what he was looking for. I was hoping to try my luck with this online dating thing. I like to go ...

  • If you like Small Girls
    If you like Small Girls
    Women looking for Men - Yakima (Washington) - August 5, 2017

    I am a very petite if there is a such thing women. I know everyone likes the thick girls but I am not one of those. I am not big I have never been big and I would like to find a guy out there that can just apreciate being able to put there arms twice...