I Am Here To Date Buffalo

Published date: September 19, 2017
  • Location: Buffalo, New York, United States

There has been a lot of ups and downs within the past few months relationship wise a lot of emotional turmoil to match. Right now I just want to find a man that I can have a regular loving relationship with. My last few dates where ful of drama from one that couldn't decide on who he wanted to be with. To on that had a lot of baby mama drama that I was just not ready for. And yet a nother that seemed perfect he was just already married and cheating on his wife. I just want to date a honest man that is looking to start a relationship that will last longer than a few weeks. Who is interested in me and me only. I don't like to be active to much but every once in a while I like to clear my head with a walk and get some fresh air. I also love movies and my favorite kind of movies are those that have you o the edge of your seat and the kind that have you thinking. I love a good mystery. I love to eat all kinds of food but Greek is my favorite. Probably because I and Greek. My mom Is from Greece and my dad too. they met fell in love got married and moved to the United States got there citizenship and had me. My parents also own and run a restaurant I had been working there since I could walk and I still do I just do a lot more than wait tables now. I have a bachelors in accounting. I also cook and I love it. I am sweet and I don't like to argue and fight but I don't exactly back down either. I am looking for someone that is sweet honest likes to have fun. loves a good movie and can tell me who's playing tonight big football fan. I am looking for someone that likes good suspence movies and likes Greek food. I am looking for someone that I can talk to that only has eyes for me and no one else.

Age: 25
Body: average
Status: single
Height: 5'6" (167cm)

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