I Just Finished My Divorce Danbury

Published date: August 9, 2017
  • Location: Danbury, Connecticut, United States

No since in crying over spilled milk. My now ex-husband and I where just recently divorced. I have 2 little girls and we are free from abuse and happy. My ex-husband was extremely verbally and mentally abusive He had a bad habit of asking our girls if they want to be hoes to discipline them to not do or wear something that he disapproved of Our girl are 4 and 5. He had anger issues that always gave him the capability of yelling things that no one should be able to say when they have already told you that they love you. I finally decide that it was time for me and my girls to move out and move on and that's exactly what we are doing. My girls are very smart extremely shy and self conscious and have some self esteem issues that we are all working through together. They love to be active we go bike riding every weekend. and take a hike with their grandparents every 2 weeks in the mountains on their land. We like to bake and watch a good movie together. and we always sit down as a little family to eat dinner every night to talk about any and everything. I would like to find a man that will love and cherish them like they were his own. A man that doesn't have anger issues someone that is in control of their emotions and thinks before he speaks.

Age: 38
Body: fit
Status: single
Height: 5'4" (162cm)

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